Now the racing season has come to an end, it's time to look back, relax and enjoy ...

World Longtrack Series

James' first World Longtrack round at Herxhiem (Germany) got off to a great start with two race wins. He finished a credible 8th place with 13 points - not bad for the new boy!

On to the second round at La Réole (France) ... James had some closely contested races and went on to finish 3rd in the night's final, finishing on 18 points. These points boosted James up to 5th in the overall standings.

Not the best day at Mühldorf (Germany) where James struggled to get off the line! However, he still qualified for the semi-finals and finished on 9 points.

Luck would go James' way at Eenrum (Netherlands) where he got his first GP win. He was 2nd on points going into the final, but a strong first lap saw him take the lead to win the final ahead of Josef Franc and Romano Hummel.

The final round took place at Morizes (France). It was a closely fought meeting with James scoring 14 points to finish 7th on the night, and 4th overall. For the very first attempt, for a Brit, that's not too shabby!

European Grasstrack Championships

The start of James' European title defence took place at Bulkbrug (Netherlands). In challenging track conditions and variable weather - from sun all the way to hail! James finished in 2nd place behind a dominant Jannick de Jong, securing his place in the final at Hertingen (Germany).

The final was a very British affair, with 9 of the 19 riders being British. James blitzed through the qualifying heats with a 4-ride maximum, going straight into the final. He was joined by fellow Brits, Andrew Appleton and Eddie Kennett, Hyneck Stichauer, Stephan Katt and Christian Hulshorst. And, to top it off, James won the final!

James is now the only British rider to have won the European title twice, and was joined by Appleton in 2nd and Kennett 3rd.

British Masters Championship

James' title defence for the British Masters took place in September at Swingfield. He retained his title with another unbeaten performance, ahead of Paul Hurry (2nd) and Eddie Kennett (3rd). James has now won the title in three consecutive years - matching the late great Simon Wigg's achievement in the early 1980s!

Racing on the Continent

It's been quite the year racing on the continent for James. He's performed consistently at every meeting, making the top 3 in all but 2 meetings! Highlights include wins at Osnabrück and Wertle and 2 bahnrekord wins!

British Racing

James still managed to fit in a few English meetings this season. Finishing 2nd on the grading list and winning the 25th Lincolnshire Poacher along with other events. And to top off a good season on the grass, James even had a go driving a 500cc sidecar!

Image taken by Luke Russell

James would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of his sponsors - without their help this year wouldn't have been as good as it was!

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