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JAMES Shanes is looking to inspire the next generation of Track Racing riders after giving his backing to two British youngsters.

The 20-year-old spotted one of the young riders while helping out at the My First Skid training school which is the brainchild of Isle of Wight promoter Barry Bishop.

One of the riders supported by Shanes is 12-year-old Kye Elliott, who lives on the island and first attended the training school in 2016. He has set his sights on doing a speedway apprenticeship.

Elliott said: “I started by riding my push bike around Smallbrook Stadium on race nights. I then asked if I could have a go on a bike! I received a My First Skid voucher for my birthday and I never looked back!

“Doing the training school has given me confidence and taught me respect. Having James there for advice has helped me a lot. He sat with me watching YouTube videos, explaining things, giving me advice and guiding me. It’s a pretty cool opportunity doing this, I am lucky to have James helping me.”

With a background in grasstrack, Shanes has also been helping out at Norwich New Stars Grasstrack Club who run training sessions for youngsters aged 6 to 18. During that time he got to know 14-year-old Jake Mulford, who has ambitions of competing in Long Track.

Mulford said: “I sat on a bike from Norwich New Stars at the Norfolk Showground and I really liked it. I started attending their training sessions and it went from there.

“James has given me lots of help and advice throughout some grasstrack meetings, helping with my bikes and setting them up. I went to a Long Track meeting in Germany too.

“I think it’s really good having James around because I have someone to look up to who has experience which can help me. I am hoping to do more Long Track meetings and see how far I can go with it.”

Written by Robin Allen

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