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The draw has been made for the U21 Semi-Final at Peterborough on 11th April. James will be riding at number 3. The top ten scorers from this meeting will join the six riders already seeded through to the Final, which will be held at Poole on 26th April. Full list of riders below:

1) Jack Smith
2) Kelsey Dugard
3) James Shanes
4) Zach Wajtknecht
5) Luke Harris
6) Nathan Greaves
7) Connor Mountain
8) Ellis Perks
9) Jack Thomas
10) Josh Bailey
11) Jack Parkinson-Blackburn
12) Danny Phillips
13) Danno Verge
14) Nathan Stoneman
15) Alfie Bowtell
16) Danyon Hume

17) Joe Lawlor
18) Jamie Halder

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